Marina Del Rey Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

You like living in Marina Del Rey, right? After all, you’re the envy of many since you’re living in a very affluent seaside neighborhood. You’re one of the few thousands living in a good neighborhood since the population in Marina Del Rey is just around 8,866.

Do you enjoy breathing in the fresh air? Well, here’s some bad news for you – the air that you’re breathing inside your home is not that fresh. In fact, it can be contaminated. A lot of residents of Marina Del Rey are getting sick because they’re breathing contaminated air.

What’s the cause of this contaminated air? It’s your dirty air duct.
It may or may not come as a surprise to you, but your air duct is pretty dirty especially if you haven’t had it cleaned in a long time.



It’s now filled with dirt, mold and grime and these nasty things are making themselves comfortable in your indoor air. Since we here at Mike Ductworks are about improving the quality of your indoor air, we decided to specialize in air duct cleaning service in Marina Del Rey.

Air Duct Cleaning

With this service of ours, we will clean your air duct. We’ll clean it professionally which means that it’s better if we’re going to clean it. Yes, you can clean it on your own, but it won’t be that effective. This is because we have professional tools that can get the job done effectively and efficiently. Also, our people are trained on this task and there’s a good chance that you don’t have the proper training for it. Yes, air duct cleaning requires a specialized set of skills that our people have.

Besides, cleaning the air duct is very dangerous. This is why our people are constantly trained. We also give them the necessary protective clothing so that the nasty contaminants in there won’t affect them. Obviously, we wouldn’t want you, our clients, to be directly exposed to them. This is why we’re offering our air duct cleaning service in Marina Del Rey to you.


Air Duct Replacement

When was the last time that you had your air duct cleaned or replaced? Are you noticing that there’s a change in the performance of your ventilation system? If it’s been a long time since you had your air duct cleaned or replaced and you’re noticing a dip in the performance of your ventilation system, there’s a good chance that there are damages. While they can get fixed, in some cases, the air duct would need to be replaced. Fortunately for you, we’re also offering air duct replacement in Marina Del Rey.

Needless to say, don’t attempt to replace the air duct yourself. Allow us to do it for you so that it will be replaced safely and effectively.


Dryer Vent Cleaning and Repair

Now, we know that dryer vent cleaning is a little different from our other services, but we decided to offer dryer vent cleaning in Marina Del Rey as well. This is because we understand its importance and you should understand it as well. Your dryer vent needs maintenance. If you don’t maintain it, it can lead to skyrocketing electricity bills. This is caused by your dryer’s inefficiency because of the clogged vent. With a clogged vent, your clothes will take a longer time to dry. You can see how this is going to increase your electricity bills.

More importantly, a clogged dryer vent can lead to a dryer fire. Of course, you don’t want this to happen and we don’t want that to happen as well. Contact us today so we can take a look if it needs cleaning. Also, we’re offering dryer vent repair in Marina Del Rey so we can repair the dryer vent if needed.


Attic Cleaning & Insulation Replacement

We’re one of the most popular service-based companies in Marina Del Rey because we’re offering a wide variety of services. In addition to the services listed above, we’re also offering insulation replacement service in Marina Del Rey to increase the efficiency of your insulation.

We’re also offering attic cleaning service in Marina Del Rey which is one of our most popular services. Our attic cleaning service can also improve the quality of your indoor air which is of course, one of our primary goals in the company.


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